Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

Summer 2017

Kathryn Brennan from Preston Arts Center in Louisville, Kentucky

Jagua (1) by Jacquard Products is one of the cool new items we found at NAMTA. The bluish-black temporary tattoo ink is made from an Amazonian fruit juice. It’s a great way to try out a tattoo design, fool your friends, or experience a tattoo for just a week or two!

Alvin’s Marble-Topped Drawing Table (2) is easy to use – and beautiful to look at. It’s a classic four-post table with plenty of workspace and storage, plus an adjustable board. It’s made from eco-friendly rubber wood with an attractive medium stain.   

“We also love Alvin’s new line of LED lighting (3). Not only do the lights emit little heat and use less energy, they really allow artists to see a fuller spectrum of color with less glare. Plus the lamps have a sleek, modern look.

“We think Colorables (4) by ooly will be a big hit with kids. The 3-D inflatable paper toys are made with Tyvek. All you need is a straw to inflate! They come in all kinds of shapes from dolls and dragons to rockets and race cars, and have interesting patterns that kids can color.

Richeson’s BEST Ultimate Easel (5) is a well-made, double-masted oak easel that’s large enough for some BIG canvases, yet small enough to fit into a studio. The ‘best’ thing is that it’s really economically-priced for a double-masted easel.”

Jessica Mines Dumitru from Art Creations in Chattanooga, Tennessee

“Our favorite find at NAMTA was New Wave POSH Glass Artist Palettes (6). They’re made from tempered glass – so dried acrylic just peels away and dried oil paint can easily be removed with a blade or solvent. The palettes come in multiple sizes and colors.

Liquitex Black Lava Acrylic Texture Medium (7) creates awesome dramatic effects. The black speckled gel has a textured feel and contains small, flat hexagonal-shaped dark aggregates. It looks gray when wet, but when dry it gives the effect of ground, dry black lava.

“Our customers love Princeton Catalyst – the flexible silicone tools are a mix between a brush and a palette knife. Catalyst Blades (8) are mounted on artist brush handles and Catalyst Wedges (9) fit in your hand so you can interact directly with your work. Customers use them for painting, encaustics, ceramics, and even food crafting.

Winsor & Newton Artists Acrylics (10) have no color shift and a luxe – almost buttery – consistency. It’s a premium-quality line for a more practical price. A nice variety of single pigment colors are available and they dry brilliantly.”