Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

Summer 2018

by Rebecca Carlson

The Art Center in Arcata, California, on Instagram (@artcenterarcata)
“New to our store are Wax Crayons (1) by Marabu. They’re ideal for wipe-stenciling, stamping and mixed-media projects. They are highly pigmented, water soluble, and have a very smooth/soft consistency.

“Just in time for summer are Mehndi Henna Kits (2) and Body Art Transfer Paper (3) from Jacquard. Henna can be difficult to work with for those who have not-so-steady hands, so the transfer paper helps. Customers simply draw their design on the paper, transfer it to their skin, and then trace over the lines with their henna!

“We just received a new shipment of OOLY products including Nylon Ombre Paint Brush Sets (4), and Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons (5). These kid-friendly products help little ones hone their skills. If you add water to the gel crayons and mix the colors around with a paintbrush you get a true watercolor effect.”

Arlene’s Artist Materials from Albany, New York, on Instagram (@Arlenes_artist_Materials)
Derwent Watercolor Pencils (6) are the newest products at our store. They can be used wet or dry, and on wet or dry paper in order to get a variety of different effects.”

Speedball Gel Printing Plates (7) sell really well for us. They allow users to create beautiful one-of-a-kind prints for mixed media, card-making, journaling, and so much more – the possibilities are truly endless.”

Moxie Art Supply in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, on Instagram (@moxieartsupply)
Gelly Roll Gel Pens by Sakura (8) are now available at our store! The colors are vibrant and opaque which makes them perfect for illustration work, especially on black paper. Our personal favorite is the white gel pen.

“Currently in stock is a plethora of Moleskine Sketchbooks (9) that fit right in the palm of your hand. They are perfect for artists who are always on the go. They work great for upselling or add-on sales.

Faber-Castell’s Creative Lettering Kit (10) is the ultimate product for getting customers interested in different types of lettering. The kit includes 36 pieces and a design guide for inspiration. Inside are blank pages for practice – a great bonus for beginners.”