AMR E-newsletter – February 2017

AMR's "Art Materials World/CAMEX" product E-Newsletter - Volume #1

Clairefontaine Paint On! (NEW)
Thick drawing and sketch paper suitable for wet and dry media.

Clairefontaine fine art papers. Pads available in four sizes (A5, A4, A3, A2) with white or natural paper. Suitable for acrylic, pastel, graphite charcoal, pen, pencil and collage. 250g paper. Acid-free. Made in France.

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Exaclair, Inc.
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Pigma Micron® PN
Brand New Pigma Micron PN Pen!

Exciting news! The newest addition to the beloved Pigma Micron line is the new Pigma Micron PN (Plastic Nib). This pen features a new nib that is a little bit flexible providing the ideal pen for everyday writing, notes, planners and journaling with the same quality Pigma ink performance. Heavy-handed writers will appreciate the added durability of the plastic nib. Available in 8 archival Pigma ink colors.
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Sakura of America
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Introducing Grafix’s New Demo in a Box!

Designed to educate and inspire consumers on a variety of Grafix materials. Each kit includes a specific technique guide with illustrations that are simple and easy to follow, along with art supplies and additional information on every product. Come by the Grafix booth #1031 for more information on how to get your own Grafix Demo in a Box!

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Complete Screen Printing Units
Standard & Professional Grade

Manufactured with the professional screen printer in mind, A.W.T.’s Complete Screen Printing Units are used for proto-typing, short runs and are ideal for training. These economical printing units are made with kiln dried, non-warp frame lumber, a high-quality squeegee blade with contoured handle, wood base and side-frame support. The frame is stretched with the industry’s best quality polyester fabrics. Many mesh counts are available.

Professional Screen Printing Units include one pair of A.W.T.’s adjustable Cast-Hinge Clamps; 4” high quality squeegee; heavy wood base; 1-5/8” frame with 12XX multifilament, 110 or 160 monofilament polyester fabric stretched by glue method; glued corners with metal corrugated fasteners and wood side kick; and package of three tempered stainless steel registration guides.

Standard Screen Printing Units include adjustable height back bar mounted with wing nuts; complete 3-1/2” high quality squeegee; 1/4” hard board base; 1-1/8” frame lumber with 12XX multifilament, 110 or 160 monofilament polyester fabric stretched by glue method; glued corners with metal corrugated fasteners and wood sidekick; package of three tempered stainless steel registration guides.

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Natural Soaps for Artists
Pébéo soaps made in the true Marseille Soap tradition.

Drawing from its Provence heritage and working hand in hand with the Marius Fabre traditional Marseille soap factory, Pébéo is proud to introduce a full line of quality soaps for artists, developed in accordance with the true Marseille Soap craftsmanship!

This new line features liquid soaps, hard soaps, scrubbing soaps as well as a restorative hand cream. Every one of these biodegradable soaps are derived from olive oil, free of dyes and parabens and environmentally friendly. The products have a high cleaning power, yet have proven gentle on both skin and brushes, thanks to the nourishing qualities of the olive oil. Unique on the market, this line proudly positions itself as a high quality, premium product.

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Pébéo Inc.


Avenue Mandarine Graffy Paint
A complete kit for the young artist!

For ages 4-7+, each kit includes six watercolor paints, brush, and pre-printed hardback canvas board. Designs include Lion Cub, Pirate Cat, Kitten, Fawn, Bear & Unicorn.

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Exaclair, Inc.
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Mars Lumograph Sketching Pencils
The ideal drawing companion, made in Germany!

Premium quality artists pencils have super-bonded lead with a special formulation making them unbelievably break-resistant. Perfect for writing, drawing and sketching. Made with premium quality wood that is PEFC certified from sustainably managed forests. Individual degrees are available in boxes of 12. Assorted sets are packed in decorative metal tins. A compact 384-piece counter display features the entire degree assortment.

Mars Lumograph – 20 hard and soft degrees for a wide range of grey tones with a beautiful metallic luster.

Mars Lumograph Black – 4 degrees containing a higher proportion of carbon for the smoothness of graphite with the deep tones of charcoal. Particularly suitable for expressive sketches and figure drawings that convey movement and emotion.

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STAEDTLER-Mars Limited
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