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February Products! - from Art Materials Retailer magazine
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Flexcut Palm Tools
Flexcut’s Palm Tools are ideal for today’s versatile artists.

Flexcut’s Palm Tools are perfect for carving small projects such as wood carving, linoleum blocks, melons, foam, and soap. Flexcut offer 52 different blade profiles, from chisels, gouges, to V and U-shapes. Sizes vary from 1mm to 7/8” widths. All blades are made of high-quality, heat treated steel for maximum performance. The tools in this set are especially adept at carving small items out, making this the prefect starter carving knife for people trying to get into wood carving. This American made set of wood carving tools comes in a sturdy wooden box that is specifically designed to provide you with a wide range of capabilities that are applicable to different types of carving.

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Flexcut Tool Company


Americana® Enchanted™ 
& Americana® Enchanted™ Shimmer

New Iridescent Topcoat Acrylic

This distinct topcoat creates the dazzling effect of iridescent color with interference color pigment that changes colors with different angles of light. Apply over dark colors or the Ultra Black Basecoat to achieve a more intense effect. Americana® Enchanted™ can mimic the unique look of a butterfly wing or a peacock feather. The Americana® Enchanted™ Shimmer delivers the same impact with an additional subtle shimmer. This magical iridescent look is popping up in all realms of fashion, automobiles, and more. Create the beautiful look of iridescence in your art, crafts, and more with Americana® Enchanted™ & Americana® Enchanted™ Shimmer.

Available in 6 colors & an Ultra Black Basecoat 2 oz. Bottles.



Neopaque Sneaker Series Set and Procion MX 13-Color Set
Two New Sets Join Jacquard’s Popular Product Lines!

The NEW Neopaque Sneaker Series Set includes 8 highly-requested "factory colors" that are perfect for restoring classic sneakers and re-creating iconic colorways.

Jacquard’s Neopaque paints are the most versatile colors available for footwear. With unparalleled coverage, durability and permanence on surfaces from fabric to leather to vinyl, they hold up to wear and washing better than any other paint on the market.

The NEW Procion MX 13-Color Set includes 13 essential colors of dye, 2 bags of Soda Ash Dye Fixer and thorough instructions – everything necessary for a dye party or project!

Procion MX cold water, fiber-reactive dye is the most vivid dye available for cellulose fibers such as: cotton, linen, hemp and rayon. It is virtually the only dye that can be used without heat, so it is the go-to for tie dyeing, batik, ice-dyeing, hand-painting and printing, and other "backyard" dyeing techniques.

Follow @JacquardUSA and #JacquardDyes on Instagram!

Visit us at Art Materials World, Booth #1301

Jacquard Products/Rupert, Gibbon & Spider, Inc.
Fax: 707-433-4609


Midwest Studio Birch Artist Panels
Possibilities as limitless as your imagination...

Midwest Studio’s Birch Artist Panels are high-quality and cut with precision. Each studio grade panel goes through a rigorous inspection process to ensure they are free from material defects. These high-density panels are perfect for all mediums and artistic levels. The cross lamination of plies helps prevent warping when introduced to moisture. The panels are not prepped, primed, or cradled; this allows for artistic freedom and easy framing!

Midwest Studio Birch Artist Panels are available in the following sizes and thicknesses:

  •   • 6mm: 6”x12”, 8”x10”, 9”x12”, 12”x12”, 12”x24”
  •   • 9mm: 6”x12”, 8”x10”, 9”x12”, 12”x12”, 11”x14”, 12”x24”, 16”x20”
  •   • 12mm: 12”x12”, 11”x14”, 12”x24”, 16”x20”

For more information, visit Midwest Studio’s Gallery here:

To place an order, contact customer service:
or call (800) 348-3497

Check us out on Instagram, and view some of our submitted artist panels

Midwest Products


TAP Transfer Artist Paper
Iron images onto virtually any surface!

Transfer your imagination into art with TAP, Transfer Artist Paper, a premium-quality paper that allows you to iron images onto virtually any surface. Have fun with fabric, paper, wood, glass, metal, and more!

  •   • Printer-friendly
  •   • Transfer image with a hot iron to almost any surface
  •   • Shiny or matte finish
  •   • Transferred images are crisp and colorfast
  •   • Washable and crack-resistant on fabric
  •   • Layer transferred images for a collaged look

Available in a 5 sheet pack for $14.95 or a 18 sheet pack $39.95! Go with 18 sheets for a bigger bang for your buck!
Click to see the video

C&T Publishing


Designer Finishes™
4 pk Kits to Create Distinct Finishes

DecoArt has created these easy to use kits to allow crafters and artists to create a specific finished look by following the 4 pack directions. There are 12 varieties of finish options available, based on the most popular and trending styles in DIY and crafting - from copper patina to salt wash farmhouse. These kits make it so easy and accessible to create a particular finish look that is exceptionally realistic and detailed.
Finishes Available:

  •   • Rusted Metal
  •   • Rested Steel
  •   • Wrought Iron
  •   • Aged Wrought Iron
  •   • Patina


  •   • Copper Patina
  •   • Salt Wash Beach
  •   • Salt Wash Farmhouse
  •   • Oxidized Tin
  •   • Oxidized Aluminum

Featured Double Coated Tapes: Pro® 965 and Pro® 3016
Pro 965 Double Coated Film and Pro 3016 Double Coated Foam Tapes Featured in Winter Wonderland Art Project

Pro® 3016 is a double-coated foam tape, which means it’s made of foam and it’s sticky on both sides. You cut it, place it down, then peel off the paper liner off the back, then you can stick things to the other side.

Pro® 965 is also a double-coated tape that’s thicker than most common tapes you may have used. The tape itself is clear. It’s got a pretty aggressive adhesive, which means it holds things really well. It’s commonly used for mounting all kinds of trims, mouldings, plastic parts, signs, etc.

Together, these tapes inspired us to try making a layered paper artwork.

The main idea is that you use multiple layers of cut-out paper (with something creating space in between each layer) to create a 3-D artwork. Pro® 3016 is perfect for layered paper art because it both creates the little bit of space you need between the layers and it holds the papers together.
Click to see the video
Pro Tapes & Specialties, Inc.

Series of Textile Printers

Designed for efficiency, versatility, and durability, the Econo-Tex™ series of manual textile screen printing units from A.W.T. World Trade, Inc. is especially suited to start-up print shops or any short-run application.

Available in one-, two-, four-, and six-color models. For more information, call A.W.T. World Trade at 773.777.7100.


2020 will bring NAMTA Members back to Chicago's Navy Pier for Art Materials World. Exhibitors can reserve 2020 Art Materials World booths today.

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