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February Products from Art Materials Retailer magazine
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Jo Sonja Pouring Medium & Water Sprayer

For over 55 years, Chroma has been dedicated to providing high-quality paint for artists, teachers and students. Founded in 1965 by artist and educator, Jim Cobb, Chroma’s focus is, and has always been, on the development of both innovative and quality products.

Continuing this mission to create paint and mediums for today’s artists, Chroma is introducing Jo Sonja Pouring Medium and Fine Mist Water Sprayer! Explore the popularity of paint pouring using Jo Sonja Pouring Medium + Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic. Great for ribbons and swirls of color, these dynamic mixtures dry clear, glossy and flexible.

Start with 9 parts Pouring Medium:1 part Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic; adjust accordingly for desired consistency. Use the Jo Sonja Fine Mist Water Sprayer to keep your palette, and your painting, wet and workable. Learn more at



Grafix Dura-Lar and Dura-Bright Film

Grafix Dura-Lar® is the Acetate alternative. Dura-Lar is unsurpassed by other films for its clarity, strength, stability, and flatness. This polyester film will not tear or absorb moisture, assures perfect registration with archival quality, consistent color, and is heat resistant.

Clear Dura-Lar is ideally suited for use as a protective overlay, for layouts and color separations, or as a surface for mixed media artwork. Matte Dura-Lar is a frosted surface for colored pencils, ink drawings, and mixed media projects. Wet Media Dura-Lar is specially coated to accept all water-based mediums without beading, chipping, or crawling. Simply wipe with a damp cloth for repeated use. Also used for printmaking, artwork surface, and to plan painting compositions.

Dura-Bright White and Black are thick durable films that are non-absorbent and won’t tear. A velvety smooth surface ideal for mixed media, drawing, art journaling, and more! Each film type is a versatile art surface.



Fullerton Sales Construction - We're Diggin' up Sales
Are you looking for Sales Representation in Canada?

Hello Fine Art Supply vendor. Are you looking to increase your presence in Canada? Looking to get your product placed in fine art supply retailers across Canada? Look no further than Fullerton Sales Construction where we have been working hard at building vendor sales in the Canadian Fine Art community for close to a decade. Call us today to discuss how we can increase your brand's Canadian presence.

Fullerton Sales Construction


Magnet Anywhere™ by Master Magnetics, Inc.
Avoid damage to photos and artwork

Magnet Anywhere™ is a fast and easy alternative to tape or nails for hanging photos and artwork. Hang items without damaging, ripping or tearing photos and artwork or putting holes in walls.

  • Easy to Use: Removable foam adhesive on steel disc adheres to smooth or textured surfaces including walls, tile, wood, glass, concrete and plastic
  • Securely Hold Items: Use the powerful neodymium magnets to hang artwork anywhere in minutes
  • Retail Ready: Packaged in trilingual, four-color quantities of 5, 10 or 25

Your customers can create eye-catching displays and update them quickly and easily. Magnet Anywhere is priced so economically, customers can purchase several to personalize home, office and school spaces.

Click to see the video

Master Magnetics, Inc.


Flexcut Linoleum & Printmaking Set
Linoleum & Printmaking Set Great for Professionals ...and Students

Professionals will like the quality and students will appreciate the value of Flexcut’s tool set for linoleum and printmaking.

The set features four blade profiles from Flexcut’s extensive line of palm tools. An 1/8-inch and a 5/16-inch sweep, a 1/4-inch V-tool, plus a 1mm micro V-tool. Palm tools offer great control while making cuts, so they are perfect for relief carving and close detail work.

Each blade is razor sharp and easily cuts away linoleum and wood surfaces to reveal your images and patterns. The blades are precision made from high-carbon steel. Cutting edges stay sharp and are easily maintained. The blades are interchangeable in the high-impact thermoplastic handle, which also comes in the set. The handle allows an exceptional grip and is ergonomically designed to minimize hand fatigue.

The set includes a manual, sharpening strop, polishing compound and an 11-pocket tool roll for a great value. Additional blade profiles are available to extend your capabilities.
Click to see the video

Flexcut Tool Company


Pro® 155 2 mil Adhesive Transfer Tape

Pro® 155 2 mil Adhesive Transfer Tape Pro® 155 is an excellent adhesive for flying splices on paper, films, and foil. This product can be used for laminating, mounting and nameplate applications. Ideal for high processing temperatures. Ideally suited for use in printers dry tunnels. Performance proven dependability promotes production line efficiencies in paper and film industries.

  • Pro® 155 Acrylic adhesive will not bleed into most paper stocks, minimizes discolor of print material.
  • High tack "permanent" adhesion
  • Easy to remove liner
Common Applications:
  • Mounting
  • Bonding
  • Photo Edging & Cropping
  • Tabbing

Pro Tapes & Specialties, Inc.


  • Splicing
  • Temporary Holding
  • Laminating
  • Framing


Specialty Racks
Your Space-saving Solution for Drying and Storage
Where space is limited, Specialty Racks from Saturn Rack/AWT World Trade, Inc. provide an efficient solution to your drying and storage needs. From storing classroom artwork to drying prints in your studio, Saturn/AWT racks are versatile and affordable. Featuring all-steel construction, a rust-resistant, powder-coated finish, and a variety of shelving options, Saturn/AWT specialty racks are available in a wide range of models to help you optimize your working environment.

Art Materials Retailer's 2021 Buyers Guide


Our new, fully-interactive digital directory is designed to reside on your desktop. It offers one-click links to over 120 manufacturers’ websites, instant access to information about “Best Seller” products, and interactive tabs to help you easily search product categories. It’s a valuable tool you’ll use all year long.
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