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January Products from Art Materials Retailer magazine
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Sandtastik PLASTERMIX Plaster of Paris Casting Material
Ready-to-mix & quick drying!

Experience the excellence of Sandtastik’s PLASTERMIX- a specially formulated art supply grade plaster designed for your all your creative needs. Utilize PLASTERMIX by simply combining 2 parts casting material with 1-part cold water, stirring until a smooth consistency, and pouring into your desired mold.

Sandtastik PLASTERMIX will dry hard within 30 minutes for moldings less than 1” thick, however drying times may take longer depending on individual mold thickness. PLASTERMIX’s quick drying time makes it perfect for professional or home use. Finished product can be painted or decorated as needed. Certified non-toxic.
Why Customers Love It:
  • Quick drying
  • Easy to activate
  • High quality
Ideal For:
  • Professionals
  • Art teachers, Educators
  • Artists, sculptors
  • Hobbyists
Available in 2.2lb, 5lb & 22lb packaging. Dealer Inquiries Welcome. Drop Ship Program Available.

Sandtastik Products Ltd


Flexcut Linoleum & Printmaking Set
Linoleum & Printmaking Set Great for Professionals ...and Students

Professionals will like the quality and students will appreciate the value of Flexcut’s tool set for linoleum and printmaking.

The set features four blade profiles from Flexcut’s extensive line of palm tools. An 1/8-inch and a 5/16-inch sweep, a 1/4-inch V-tool, plus a 1mm micro V-tool. Palm tools offer great control while making cuts, so they are perfect for relief carving and close detail work.

Each blade is razor sharp and easily cuts away linoleum and wood surfaces to reveal your images and patterns. The blades are precision made from high-carbon steel. Cutting edges stay sharp and are easily maintained. The blades are interchangeable in the high-impact thermoplastic handle, which also comes in the set. The handle allows an exceptional grip and is ergonomically designed to minimize hand fatigue.

The set includes a manual, sharpening strop, polishing compound and an 11-pocket tool roll for a great value. Additional blade profiles are available to extend your capabilities.
Click to see the video

Flexcut Tool Company


ACTÍVA Rigid Wrap™ Plaster Cloth
Quick setting and versatile.

ACTÍVA® Rigid Wrap™ Plaster Cloth offers a premium-quality plaster of Paris-infused gauze bandage designed for hobbyists and professionals. Enjoy consistent, even-textured quality with every roll, ensuring reliable results every time.

Rigid Wrap™, alternatively known as plaster of Paris tape, gauze, or plaster bandage, is commonly used in strips for designing and reinforcing creations, making it ideal for general sculpting purposes.

Activation is effortless—simply dip the cloth in water and achieve a durable, paintable finish in just 30 minutes. This versatile medium is perfect for a diverse range of art and craft projects, spanning from intricate jewelry to elaborate home décor.
Why Customers Love It:
  • Consistent, even texture
  • Ideal for a wide range of uses
  • Quick drying, Non-toxic
Ideal For:
  • Professional artists
  • Educators and art teachers
  • Hobbyists, crafters
Available in a variety of sizes. Call Nell for pricing and shipping rates.
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Video Image

ACTÍVA Products, Inc


Pro® 410 ATG
pH Neutral Adhesive Transfer Tape

Pro® 410 ATG is ideal for mounting artwork, objects, and memorabilia, as well as dust covers and mats. It adheres to cloth, paper, vinyl, plastics, and many other surfaces. Non-yellowing. Excellent resistance to UV light. Please reach out to Steve Espinal to learn more.

Pro Tapes LLC

hh Americas Trade Show 2024
It's For YOU! Uniting the crafts industry in North America May 1-3, 2024

Join us at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont IL on May 1-3 for the premier crafts trade show in North America. The 2023 event featured 263 exhibitors from 22 countries and attracted 2,560+ attendees from all 50 states and 41 countries. Unlike other events, h+h americas operates without any membership restrictions and offers seasonal products and services to the entire crafts sector carefully timed for buyers in May 2024.

Video image

hh Americas




The 2024 Buyers Guide
Your guide to the only printed directory of art and craft materials suppliers in the industry.

Keep the Creativity Going
I’ve Been Framed in Portland undergoes constant change while holding true to its founder’s legacy.

Endcap: h+h americas on Record Course Again
The annual h+h americas trade show is set to take place Wednesday, May 1-3, 2024 in Chicago.

Plus... Industry News, Best Sellers and More!
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