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July Products from Art Materials Retailer magazine
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Laguna Clay and Glaze
Check out all we have to offer!

Laguna Clay & Glaze is one of the world's largest providers of ceramic materials. We offer a wide selection of clays and glazes in multiple firing ranges. Visit our website to see all the products we offer.

Laguna Clay Company

Niji® Artist Watercolor Sets
Ideal colors for artists

Niji® Artist Watercolors contain high-quality transparent color assortments carefully selected for ultimate color mixing capabilities and unlimited, brilliant color combinations.

Individually wrapped half pan colors come in a sturdy, reusable, travel-ready metal tin. A metal ring on the bottom of each tin serves as a convenient thumb holder for plein air painting. Great for landscapes, florals, still life, abstracts, portraits and urban scenes.

Each set includes an information sheet with color swatches, pigment information and transparency ratings.

Non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D-4236. Available in a 12 color Essentials Set (NWS12) and a 24 color Studio Set (NWS24).

Ask your sales rep about the Yasutomo World Watercolor Month promo!

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Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper
The culmination of eight centuries of Fabriano paper making tradition

100% Cotton Fabriano Artistico paper is available in blocks, rolls and sheets. The sheets feature four deckled edges and a traditional watermark. Fabriano Artistico answers the needs of the most discerning watercolorists and features a reliable animal-free surface sizing. Available in Traditional White or Extra-White and in 140lb or 300lb (300gsm or 640gsm).

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ACTÍVA PermaStone™ Casting Compound
Plaster's Versatility, Solidified in Stone

ACTÍVA® PermaStone™ Casting Compound is a durable casting compound that acts like plaster but dries like stone! PermaStone is infinitely stronger than typical plaster and it reproduces the finest detail. Even if it happens to break, the fracture is clean and can easily be glued back together.

Formulated to mix easily with water, ACTÍVA® PermaStone™ Casting Compound creates a smooth, microwavable, non-toxic, and water-resistant plaster. It can be painted as it dries white with acrylics, oils, watercolors, tempera, or any other finish.
Why Customers Love It:
  • Mixes easily with water
  • Extremely strong once dried
  • Non-toxic & water-resistant
Ideal For:
  • Educators and art teachers
  • Fine artists, sculptors, and mixed media artists
  • Hobbyists and crafters
Sold in 28 oz & 48 oz packages. Call Nell for pricing and shipping rates. Sign-up now to become a dealer!
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ACTÍVA Products, Inc

SIO-2® Toffee Caramel Stoneware Clay
Exuding warmth & beauty.

SIO-2 Toffee Caramel Stoneware Clay is now in stock at Sandtastik! Expertly crafted for artistic ceramics and boasting a 40% impalpable grog, this clay is the perfect choice for sculpting and molding pieces that require smooth or intricate details. With a firing range between cone 5 - 10, this clay can display a beautiful array of natural tones ranging from oatmeal to a rich caramel brown. Food and tableware safe.

We are now offering this clay in a convenient 4 lb package designed for potters seeking a smaller quantity for their projects- or for those curious to sample and determine if this clay suits their needs. We promise you won’t be disappointed!
Why Customers Love It:
  • Beautiful, natural tones
  • Sold in a smaller, convenient package
  • Food-safe
Ideal For:
  • Artists and Potters
  • Hobbyists
  • Art teachers
Available in 4 lb and 27.6 lb blocks.
Dealer Inquiries Welcome. Drop Ship Program Available.

Sandtastik Products Ltd


Traditional Classic Art products- Paint Palette boxes, Palette Cups & More- Factory Direct
Offer Products YOUR competitors Do NOT Have!

Now is the time to offer Unique Artist products that will attract new customers and more customers. We are Famous for our Fine Italian made art products for over 50 Years! We manufacture watercolor boxes to fit Winsor, Schminke, Maimeri, Rowney, Daniel Smith, Hobein, Stoneground, Blockx and more.

Bijou portable artist sketchers and Urban sketchers paint boxes for half and full pan watercolors as low as $5 in bulk. Flask Watercolor travel palettes and large studio metal palette boxes. Metal table Easels and Classic portable Italian easels for travel . Palette cups, half pans, full pans, brush washers. Professional, Knowledgeable and Friendly Service that can assist you for the best choice of products for your shops.

Are you selling brands such as Winsor, Schminke, Sennelier, Van Gogh, Daniel Smith, Maimeri, Rowney? We can recommend the best way to create very profitable sets to sell in your store or online using your inventory.

Super Promotion- Refillable Water Brushes. 20 pcs Normally $20 Only $10 (0.50)
100 asstd $50 Free Shipping

NO Minimum Orders. Free Shipping on orders of $299
Call us for details and exceptions.
New Accounts Free Shipping First Order. Call for details.

Farquar/Fome Mfg


UGlu® Dashes
Instant Grip, Powerful Bond, No Mess Ever!

Instant Grip, Powerful Bond, No Mess Ever! UGlu® is a removable adhesive glue in a convenient tape-like format which bonds to most surfaces, including rough or uneven surfaces. UGlu® is non-toxic, acid-free, waterproof, and weatherproof. UGlu® 600 Dash Sheets feature 20 mils rubber based mounting adhesive squares 1/2"x5/8" on sheets.

Pro Tapes LLC

The trusted name in
For over 30 years - in addition to quality screen printing equipment and parts - AWT World Trade has also offered the industry’s most comprehensive range of screen printing supplies. From screen-making and safety products; to fabrics and frames; frame adhesives, block-outs and sealants; drying and storage racks; scoop coaters, brushes, registration pins, and hundreds of other items, you’ll find whatever supplies you need at AWT.
AWT logo



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