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Tommy Art Paints
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Tommy Art offers an elegant array of professional-quality products for artists, crafters, and designers. These chalk-based mineral paints are handmade in Italy using traditional techniques and are ideal for a variety of restorative and decorative styles.

Complemented and enhanced by our specialty products—including waxes, varnishes, and coatings—Tommy Art transforms any project into a charming, sophisticated work of art.
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Imagination International Inc


Techne Artist & Drafting Lamp
Introducing the Techne - The Ultimate Artist & Drafting Lamp!

The Techne artist & drafting lamp has been specifically designed to be easily mounted on any type of easel, drafting table, drawing board or a work bench. The fully flexible arm allowing a 360 degree shade rotation combined with the 320 degree head-flip system lets you position the light exactly where you want it.

When working on an easel or at a table the Techne lets you direct the light to the specific area you are working on - for close-up precision and attention to detail.

Awaken the artist in you with Techne! Coming soon to an art supply store near you!

Daylight Company
(866) 329-5444


Pro-light1™ LED
Series of Screen Exposing Units

A.W.T.’s Pro-Light™ 1 LED series of screen exposing units, with the latest LED technology, makes these screen exposing units economical and efficient to operate. They deliver accurate, professional results and production consistency for any screen printing operation. LED lamps mean quicker exposure times and longer light source life expectancy. Ideal for four-color process work, long runs,and extremely fine detail reproduction.

Standard features include:
  • Quicker exposure times
  • Longer light source life expectancy
  • Flexible rubber vacuum blanket maintains complete contact between film positive and mesh to prevent distortion
  • Quiet vacuum motor for perfect contact between the positive and screen
  • Matched exposure technology accurately hardens different emulsions
A.W.T.’s Pro-Light™ 1 LED exposure units offer quicker exposure times depending on the type of emulsion, coating thickness, or film being used. Undercutting is minimized in most applications. The optional digital timer ensures precise exposure intervals, virtually eliminating under or over exposure of your screens.

For more information, call A.W.T. World Trade at 773.777.7100
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Nicholson's Peerless Transparent Watercolors
Handmade since 1885

Peerless Watercolors are a perfect solution for painting on the run. Not only are they vibrant and easy to use, they are very portable. Simply touch the DrySheet color with a wet paintbrush and add color to your journals, paintings and photos.

Peerless Watercolors are 100% non-toxic and appropriate for all ages. You'll love them! Visit our website to learn more.

Creative Mode, LLC
(608) 838-8011


Turpenoid Light
200 degree F flash point, slower evaporation, no harmful aromatics

Turpenoid Light, a milder form of Weber's Turpenoid, is a game-changer in artist solvents. Sizes 4, 8, 16 and 32-oz bottles are available wherever better art materials are sold.

Thru end of August 2017:
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Martin F. Weber Co.
(215) 677-5600

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