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March Products from Art Materials Retailer magazine
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Iwata HP-TH2 Gravity Feed Dual Action Trigger Airbrush
Big projects, faster coverage, unlimited possibilities!

After a limited addition run, Iwata HP-TH2 has been so popular that it has earned a permanent spot in our lineup! It is the perfect bridge between airbrushes and mini spray guns in both capacity and performance.

The TH2's unique H6 head system easily atomizes a wide variety of spray materials including metallic paints and candy blends. The round and fan-pattern air caps give you options for covering large areas quickly and the micro air control (MAC) valve enables dynamic, incremental control of airflow and the ability to produce stipple patterns, splatter effects and controlled fades.

Visit us at Namta/Creativation Show, booth #129, to see Iwata airbrushes, our family of brands and expanding range of creative products!

Anest Iwata-Medea, Inc.

SIO-2® PRNF – Black Sculpture Clay with High Grog
Create stunningly textured ceramics with intense black color.

SIO-2® PRNF Black Sculpture Clay is the perfect choice for artists and sculptors who demand a clay that is versatile, textured, and produces stunning results. This clay is formulated with 40% fine grog, which creates a beautifully textured surface and ensures exceptional behavior during both drying and firing.

When fired in an oxidizing atmosphere, the clay produces a striking and intense black color that is exclusive to the PRN range of SIO-2® clays, while firing it in a reduced oxygen atmosphere results in metallic effects with blue undertones. The unique qualities of this clay make it a fantastic choice for creating high-end ceramic pieces that are sure to stand out. Try it out for yourself and discover what makes this clay so special.
Why Customers Love It:
  • Ideal for sculptures
  • Deep, intense, black
  • Wonderfully textured
  • Manufactured to superior standards
Ideal For:
  • Fine artists, sculptors
  • Hobbyists & crafters
  • Educators & art teachers

Sold in 27.6 lb packages. Dealer Inquiries Welcome.

Sandtastik Products Ltd


Grafix Dura-Bright Grey
New color addition to Grafix popular Dura-Bright and Craft Plastic Opaque Films

Grafix has expanded its selection for both Dura-Bright and Craft Plastic with the addition of a subtle, opaque Grey toned film. This film has all of the great qualities of the original Opaque White and Black films, with a more neutral foundation for a wide range of mediums and applications. Available in pads, packs and a roll.
Visit us at Namta/Creativation... BOOTH #711
Add it to your Show Special order for an additional discount!



NEW Jacquard Acid Dye Colors
Introducing New Neon Colors & more

Jacquard is excited to introduce 8 new Acid Dye colors including new neon colors and a 6-color Neon Acid Dyes Set (item JAC601S). With these additions, the Jacquard Acid Dye assortment now includes the full spectrum of fluorescent colors, something dyers have been seeking for ages.

Acid Dyes produce the most vibrant colors possible for silk and wool and other protein fibers such as feathers, fur, and leather. They are also excellent on nylon (hosiery, rope, athletic wear, etc.) and nylon plastics (3D-printed parts, sports equipment, etc.). Yarn dyers favor Acid Dyes for their ease of use, exceptional washfastness, economy, and versatility.

One of the most unique and fascinating properties of acid dyes is the way they “exhaust” during the dyeing process: when you add the acid (vinegar or citric) to the dye bath, the color becomes instantly attracted to the fiber, and the dye bath turns clear! Add the 8 new Acid Dye colors to your display with item code JAC600TF.

Visit us at NAMTA/Creativation in booth 301 to see what else is new from Jacquard Products. We are launching new Acid Dye, Lumiere, ColorPad, Dorland’s Wax and Cyanotype products!

Video image

Jacquard Products


New professional quality white bristle synthetics.

  • Synthetic - The best white hog bristle imitation filament available. Excellent for precise control and placement of color.
  • Snap and Spring - Our firmest synthetic bristle with the added benefit of smooth filament that stays together during heavy brush strokes.
  • Short Handle Length - Total brush length around 9" depends on size. Beautiful pearl white handle with black tip.
  • Overall Quality Rating - Best
  • Media use - Best for Acrylics and Oils.

Toll Free 1-877-962-7874 or

ACTÍVA Blackjack Low Fire Clay™ Natural Kiln Earthenware
Craft your vision with our versatile clay blend.

ACTÍVABlackjack Low Fire Clay™ is a premium blend of natural clays and minerals that boasts a silky-smooth body with exceptional plasticity. Perfect for hand building and wheel throwing, this versatile earthenware clay is suitable for all skill levels.

This clayshowcases a light gray when wet, but upon firing transforms into a neutral white that complements any project. This certified non-toxic clay can be air dried or kiln-fired between cone 04-06 and glazes beautifully on both greenware and bisqueware. Its superior vertical side strength will resist sagging and falling, making it an optimal choice for free form sculpture. Bring your clay projects to life with ACTÍVA Blackjack Low Fire Clay!
Why Customers Love It:
  • Air dry or kiln-fire
  • Exceptional plasticity
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Smooth and silky texture
Ideal For:
  • Educators and art teachers
  • Fine artists, sculptors
  • Hobbyists and crafters
Available in 5lb, 20lb, 50lb, bulk sizes, and pallet quantity. Call Nell for pricing and shipping rates. Dealer Inquiries Welcome.

ACTÍVA Products, Inc


Fusion Brushes

With a classical Asian appearance and Western performance capabilities, Yasutomo Fusion brushes combine features of Eastern and Western styles to give you a versatile painting tool.

Springy, responsive brush tips allow for a controlled painting experience and Taklon fiber bristles hold a fine point for detailed strokes. Perfect for watercolor and lettering!

Dark, synthetic handles are easy to clean and won't crack. End loops on the handles can be used to hang the brushes to dry. Contact your local rep or our office for more information.

Visit us at Namta/Creativation Booth #701!
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Fabriano Ecoqua Plus & Ispira Notebooks
For work, for travel, or to keep in your pocket, capture every idea
and make something great.

Ecoqua Plus & Ispira by Fabriano are new collections of high-quality notebooks for everyday use. 100% designed and produced in Italy using eco-friendly high-quality materials and hydro-power. Special attention is given to every detail in order to offer you moments of timeless expression on our exceptional paper.

Ecoqua Plus notebooks feature high quality, smooth white, Bioprima paper. These books lay perfectly flat, making them ideal for any style of work or writing.

With its 100% recyclable, velvety-soft, splash-resistant cover and smooth ivory Splendorgel paper, Ispira is the eco-friendly choice for the creative consumer looking for quality and sustainability.

Video image



Introducing the Jo Sonja Premium Metallic and Pearlescent Color Collection, the latest addition to the range of Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylics and Mediums. These 8 metallic colors shimmer and shine, adding a touch of elegance to any project, while the 14 pearlescent colors exude a dreamy and iridescent effect that is sure to captivate. Available in an 8 x 2 oz. Metallic collection, a 14 x 2 oz. Pearlescent collection and 2 oz. open stock – all made in the USA.

Artists of all levels will love the versatility and ease of use. Whether you're painting on canvas, wood, or any other surface, the Jo Sonja Premium Metallic and Pearlescent Color Collection will provide you with vibrant and lightfast color. They are perfect for a variety of projects, including art making, home decor, scrapbooking, and more.

The Jo Sonja Premium Metallic and Pearlescent Color Collection is highly pigmented, AP-approved non-toxic, and is specially formulated to deliver superior coverage and a smooth, consistent finish.  Try the Jo Sonja Premium Metallic and Pearlescent Color Collection today and elevate your creativity!

Learn more at

Chroma Inc.


Pro 788 Ultimate Masking Tape
Which tape products do you use on your watercolor painting?

Pro® 788 Ultimate Masking Tape is a premium masking tape. It's translucent, flat and smooth backing make it ideal for use as a watercolor paint masking tape. Pro® 788 Ultimate Masking Tape can be used directly on the surface of the paper masking and because it is translucent you will still be able to see your drawing underneath.

It can also be used as a 60-day painter’s tape with a flat, smooth backing specifically designed for use where UV resistance and clean removal are required.

Product is excellent for use in surface sensitive applications such as painted drywall, automotive masking. frisket masking, scrapbooking projects along with painting clean hard lines.
  • Good Adhesion
  • Clean Removal
  • Repositionable
  • Highly Conformable
  • UV Resistant

  • Hand Tearable
  • Easy Unwind
  • Good Moisture Resistance
  • Made in the USA

Pro Tapes LLC
Video image

h+h Americas trade show 2023
Uniting the craft industries in North America

Welcome to h+h americas--the platform for the North American Handicraft Industry June 21-23, 2023 in Rosemont IL.

h+h americas is a B2B trade show with an extended digital marketplace accessible before and after our event. Open to everyone who makes a living in crafts, h+h americas serves a community without membership requirements. Our show dates in June are carefully timed to serve buyers with seasonal offers to the entire handicraft industry. Our premier event in 2022 combined 2,000 attendees with 200 exhibitors who displayed a wide range of products from yarn, fabric, art, craft materials to toys and pastimes. Our 2023 show plans include a full schedule of business-focused classes, meetups, networking events and more. Industry veterans reunite with friends while our newcomer pavilion gives your business special attention. Attendees have the opportunity to see, touch and experience products before ordering and nurture business relationships in person.

Inquire today on how you can participate as an exhibitor or an attendee.

Video image

hh Americas




Creativation by Namta is Back!
Namta expects 1,700 attendees in Columbus

Explore the Creative Side of Columbus
Murals, sculptures and topiaries are just some of the fun sights

Crafting a Community
Manny’s Art Supplies in New Paltz, NY gets a fresh look

Plus... Artful Behavior, New & True Products and More!
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