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Flexcut Linoleum & Relief Carving Set

Professionals will like the quality and students will appreciate the value of Flexcut’s tool set for linoleum and relief carving. The set features four blade profiles from Flexcut’s extensive line of palm tools. Includes an 1/8-inch, a 5/16-inch sweep, a 1/4-inch V-tool, plus a 1mm micro V-tool. Palm tools offer great control while making cuts, so they are perfect for relief carving and close detail work.

Each blade is razor sharp and easily cuts away linoleum and wood surfaces to reveal your images and patterns. Cutting edges stay sharp and are easily maintained. The blades are interchangeable in the high-impact thermoplastic handle, which also comes in the set.

The set includes a manual, sharpening strop, polishing compound and an 5-pocket tool roll for a great value. Many additional blade profiles are available to extend your range of capabilities.

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Flexcut Tool Company
(800) 524-9077


BETTER Ultimate Adhesive
A strong, versatile and non-toxic glue

Most adhesives have failed to respond to the rising customer preference for non-toxic glue, but not ours. BETTER is non-solvent based and low VOC. This is the safe, odorless glue that customers want.

Use it on wood, metal, glass, plastic, styrofoam, fabric, and much more. BETTER is shockproof and waterproof so it's ideal for inside and outside needs alike.

Experience why BETTER is truly better for everyone!

10 piece clip strip for only $40
Imagination International Inc.
(541) 684-0013


Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink
Translucent dye inks

Tim Holtz® Alcohol Inks are fast drying, translucent dye inks designed for use on non-porous surfaces. These superior inks are highly saturated, acid free and versatile. The wide range of colors blends into an endless color palette. The inks can also be used in conjunction with Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink Mixatives, a collection of highly pigmented solvent based metallic inks plus white & pearl. Use inks on various substrates such as Yupo® Synthetic Paper, gloss paper, glass, acetate, metal and more.

For additional product information and to see the entire collection of Alcohol Inks and tools visit For inspiration on painting with these versatile inks click HERE to view our Alcohol Ink Flower Painting tutorial & video by Sharen AK Harris.

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Ranger Industries
(732) 389-3535


Techne Artist & Drafting LED Lamp

The Techne LED Artist & Drafting Lamp has been specifically designed to be easily mounted on any type of easel, drafting table, drawing board or a work bench. The fully flexible arm allowing a 360° shade rotation combined with the 320° head-flip system lets you position the light exactly where you want it. When working on an easel or at a table the Techne lets you direct the light to the specific area you are working on - for close-up precision and attention to detail.

Features & Benefits:

  •   • Wide and even light coverage
  •   • Fully flexible arm and shade
  •   • 3 brightness levels
  •   • Brushed steel finish
  •   • Lamp brightness 3,000 lux at 12”
  •   • Bright Daylight (6,000K) LEDs for true color matching
  •   • Comes with a universal metal easel clamp & metal drafting table

The RIGHT light makes all the difference!Click to visit the Daylight Company website

Daylight Company
(866) 329-5444


Gridded Transparency Sets

Each set consists of 4 gridded transparencies for use with light boxes or old school overhead projectors. These transparencies can also be used as a drawing aid on large tablets like iPad Pro and Galaxy Tab S3. Sheet size is 8.5” x 11” and printed on clear 0.3mm PVC film.

The Geometric Grid Pack includes:

  •   • Quadrille (1/4")
  •   • Isometric (1/4")
  •   • Circular (Polar Coordinates)
  •   • Golden Ratio

The Perspective Grid Pack includes:
  •   • 1-point ROOM GRID
  •   • 2-point perspective
  •   • 3-point perspective
  •   • 5-point perspective SPHERE GRID

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Koala Tools


Piñata Alcohol Ink
Alcohol Inks: A Versatile Tool in the Creative Arsenal

When Jacquard launched Piñata Colors in 2002, alcohol inks were virtually unheard of. Since then, these unique inks have become extremely popular, especially among artists working on hard surfaces like tile, metal, glass, plastic, stone, leather, polymer clay, etc. Recently, Piñata has become a staple among resin artists for creating “petri” artwork: Piñata Colors are dripped onto the surface of the mixed resin after the mold is poured, and as each drop sinks, the resin hardens. The result when the cast is removed from the mold is a magnificent, psychedelic world of blooming color—what artist Josie Lewis calls a “petrified rainbow.”

Whenever a “new” medium comes around, it is always exciting to see how artists will embrace it. Piñata is one of those mediums that seems to have opened the door to a whole world of new possibilities. The applications artists use it for continue to surprise and delight!

Jacquard ProductsClick to see the video
Rupert, Gibbon & Spider, Inc.
707.433.9577 / 800.442.0455
707.433.4906 fax


Professional Small-Format Screen Printer

The versatile Screen-Eze™ professional small-format screen printer from A.W.T. World Trade, Inc., is precision-engineered for high quality hand printing. Ideal for limited edition artwork, short-run decals, product labels, and more, this system is loaded with user-friendly features to deliver outstanding performance and value.

For more information, call A.W.T. World Trade at 773.777.7100
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