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October Products! - from Art Materials Retailer magazine
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Metallic Calligraphy Set
Jacquard’s 9-color collection makes a great gift for the Holidays!

Calligraphy is arguably the most enduring ancient art form and, in the age of social media, it is experiencing a major renaissance. At the same time, metallic and pearlescent colors have surged in popularity. Jacquard is proud to offer the widest assortments of these types of colors on the market (49 metallic/pearlescent pigments in the Pearl Ex line and 33 Lumiere acrylics). To embrace these converging trends, Jacquard worked with acclaimed calligrapher Joi Hunt to develop the Metallic Calligraphy Set. The set continues to inspire! It’s a top seller and makes a fabulous gift item for the holidays!

This is the perfect introduction to making custom, reflective inks, for calligraphers and watercolorists alike. It's easy--just mix the Pearl Ex and Gum Arabic powders with a little water (video below)! Instructions are included in the set as well as a short list of nibs that work well with Pearl Ex.

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(800) 442-0455
Fax: (707) 433-4609


Sargent Art Flexible Clay
The Clay That Bends After Drying!

Flexible Clay is water based and air-drying. It dries translucent, and can bend with ease without breaking or cracking. This allows you to create thin, delicate shapes such as flower petals and stems. Once dry, the clay is posable but hardened, for maximum longevity. You may color the clay by mixing oil based colors and inks directly into wet clay as you work. They clay will dry after a period of approximately 24-48 hours, at which point, acrylic and tempera paints may be applied.

Sargent Art Inc
(800) 424-3596
Fax: (570) 459-1752

Techne Artist & Drafting Lamp
Awaken the artist in you with Techne!

The Techne Artist & Drafting lamp has been specifically designed to be easily mounted on any type of easel, drafting table, drawing board or a work bench. The fully flexible arm allowing a 360 degree shade rotation combined with the 320 degree head-flip system lets you position the light exactly where you want it. When working on an easel or at a table the Techne lets you direct the light to the specific area you are working on - for close-up precision and attention to detail.

Awaken the artist in you with Techne!
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Daylight Company
866-DAYLIGHT (329-5444)

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BIY "Bronze it Yourself Mini Kit”
The perfect DIY kit to stock for the holidays.

Seal and Bronze a multitude of art and craft projects. Kit contains:
  •   • 4oz- Bronzee Liquid Finish - Bronze (2-2oz)
  •   • 4oz- Artzee Liquid Sealer - Black (2-2oz)
  •   • FREE 1-2oz- Glaze Ez Waterproof Sealant
  •   • FREE QR Codes inside “How to start sculpting”

Contact us for additional holiday kits!

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Artzee Liquid Sealer
(425) 598-4453


Dina Wakley Media Pouring Medium
Explore your artistic spirit!

Use Dina Wakley Media Pouring Medium to achieve colorful poured sheets, puddles, marble, and flow effects when mixed with Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paints. Pouring Medium is non-cracking and dries to a satin finish without holding bubbles and allows you to write and draw on your pours. Change the density of your paint mixtures to create isolated variations of color, commonly referred to as “cells” by adding Dina Wakley Media Cell Creator. Pour over various surfaces such as canvas, wood panels, and more.

Available in 8 oz Pouring Medium, 1 oz Cell Creator, and 4 oz Pouring Medium and .5 oz Cell Creator set. Click here to watch artist Dina Wakley introduce her new Pouring Medium and accessories.

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Ranger Industries
(732) 389-3939


Technalo & Grafcube RGB
The power of graphite fused with the magic of water-soluble colour

Caran d'Ache is reinforcing its Graphite Line range with a new generation of graphite. The new Technalo RGB and Grafcube RGB – named after the famous Red, Green, Blue coding system – fuse the power of graphite with the magic of colour to create exceptional effects: 2-in-1 tools that combine the qualities of a colour pencil with water-soluble lead and a graphite pencil to meet the discerning requirements of artists and creative professionals.

Technalo RGB and Grafcube RGB products are available individually and in multi-technical sets that include water-colourable art tools and essential accessories offering the ultimate in watercolor art-on-the-go convenience.

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     Creative Art Materials, Ltd.
     (866) 833-7797 / Fax: (888) 423-0036

Creativeworld 2019
International Trade Fair for Hobby, Arts and Crafts Supplies

Creativeworld is the world’s biggest and most important trade fair for the DIY sector. Key players and newcomers to the sector will meet in Frankfurt, Germany from the 26th to the 29th of January 2019 to present their innovations in the fields of hobbies, arts and crafts, graphic artists’ and artists’ requisites, handiwork, textile design and decorative handicrafts. While it is the order show for the sector it also offers trade visitors a wide-ranging selection of fascinating workshops and product demonstrations.

Particularly important is the role of Creativeworld as a trend driver where national and international manufacturers present their latest innovations. No other trade show offers as much inspiration and so many fresh ideas.

Messe Frankfurt
(770) 984-8023

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One-Man Squeegee Unit
The A.W.T. Seri-Glide™ offers an economical solution for high-quality, short-run screen printing jobs. These one-man screen printing units maintaining excellent registration for multi-color printing.
 An all-aluminum Stay-Flat™ vacuum table provides a flat, warp-resistant printing surface, and the vacuum holddown is powered by a quiet, maintenance-free motor..
 Seri-Glide units feature upfront blowback and vacuum controls. Screen holders and squeegee assembly are both counterbalanced for easy screen lifting and effortless printing action.
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Pro® Chart Tape
Color Coding & Labeling Made Easy

Pro Chart tape is a premium flatback paper tape used for color coding, labeling and is printable with flexo inks, markers, pens and pencils. Pro Chart tape removes cleanly and safely from sound and lighting boards. Will not stain or ghost after removal. Pro Chart is used for marking lines on charts, dry erase boards, and maps.

  •   • Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow
  •   • Common Applications: Color Coding & Labeling , Drafting, Chart Tape, Decorative
  •   • Features: Clean Removal, Repositionable , Hand Tearable, Easy Unwind, Made in the USA
  •   • Total Thickness: 5.8 mils
  •   • Temperature Range: 40°F to 150°F
  •   • Specifications: ASTM D6123/D6123M-07, Type II. ASTM D-4236

Pro Tapes & Specialties, Inc.
(800) 345-0234

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BETTER: The Ultimate Adhesive
Non-Toxic, Multi-Purpose, Great for Crafting & Sewing Projects

Are your customers tired of buying multiple types of glue for different surfaces and materials?

BETTER lives up to its name because of its strong bond to Wood, Metal, Glass, Plastic, Styrofoam, Paper and more. It's ideal for all kinds of crafts!

BETTER is also non-solvent based and low VOC. This is the safe, odorless and super strong glue that customers want. It's completely non-toxic to humans when used as directed!

Fast dry or extended dry? Learn more about both on our website!
Imagination International Inc.
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