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Holiday Products! - from Art Materials Retailer magazine

Stock up for a creative holiday with Grafix Shrink Film!

Design, Cut out and Bake. Your creations will shrink to half their original size shrink to 20% of their original size and become 9 times thicker. Available in: Clear, Matte, White, Black, Metallic Gold and Silver, 6 bright colors, Inkjet Clear and Inkjet White.

Plus, NEW Grafix Artist Series Shrink Film features 12 unique pre-printed designs from 3 popular industry artists: Gina Kim, Julie Fan-Fei Balzer, and Marlene Meijer-van Niekerk. Grafix Shrink Film is offered in 8.5” x 11” sheets with easy to follow instructions. Merchandise Shrink Film with paper projects, school & kids projects, handmade gifts, and jewelry as well as mixed media.

(800) 447-2349


Pro® Measurement Tape
Repositionable Ruler Tape

Pro® Measurement tape is a premium kraft paper tape used as an adhesive backed, repositionable ruler. This product is great for tough situations where you can’t hold a tape measure.

  •   • Color: Yellow printed black
  •   • Print Options: Imperial is perforated every 12” (ruler). Metric is perforated every 20 centimeters.
  •   • Total Thickness: 5.9 mils
  •   • Temperature Range: 40°F to 150°F
  •   • Features: Clean Removal, Repositionable, Easy Unwind, Made in the USA
  •   • Common Applications: Measurement, Decorative

Pro Tapes & Specialties, Inc.
(800) 345-0234


A Wide Range of Brushes for Painting on Glass, Ceramic and China by Kolibri
Traditional product line of natural goose quill brushes

Kolibri’s line of fine brushes for all kinds of glass, ceramic and porcelain painting techniques features more than 15 different types in 10 different sizes.

  •   • Pointed shader
  •   • Pointed shader extra short hair
  •   • Square shader, Cut liner
  •   • Long liner
  •   • Stippler, and
  •   • Many other types for professional users and hobbyists.

Traditionally, these brushes are handmade using natural goose quill. Plastic quills are a modern alternative. We also offer only the best Russian squirrel hair, European cow ear hair, and a special red sable mixture. Brushes with synthetic squirrel hair or synthetic Martisan-Kolinsky hair can be supplied on request.

We are also happy to put together sets of brushes and design the packaging according to your ideas.

10% off and FREE shipping to U.S. on all Kolibri brush orders
over $250 in October and November

Feurer & Sohn GmbH
Kolibri artist brush manufacturer
+1 49 9822 7433


Dina Wakley Media Pouring Medium
Explore your artistic spirit!

Use Dina Wakley Media Pouring Medium to achieve colorful poured sheets, puddles, marble, and flow effects when mixed with Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paints. Pouring Medium is non-cracking and dries to a satin finish without holding bubbles and allows you to write and draw on your pours. Change the density of your paint mixtures to create isolated variations of color, commonly referred to as “cells” by adding Dina Wakley Media Cell Creator. Pour over various surfaces such as canvas, wood panels, and more.

Available in 8 oz Pouring Medium, 1 oz Cell Creator, and 4 oz Pouring Medium and .5 oz Cell Creator set. Click here to watch artist Dina Wakley introduce her new Pouring Medium and accessories.

Click to see the video

Ranger Industries
(732) 389-3939


Techne Artist & Drafting LED Lamp

The Techne LED Artist & Drafting Lamp has been specifically designed to be easily mounted on any type of easel, drafting table, drawing board or a work bench. The fully flexible arm allowing a 360° shade rotation combined with the 320° head-flip system lets you position the light exactly where you want it. When working on an easel or at a table the Techne lets you direct the light to the specific area you are working on - for close-up precision and attention to detail.

Features & Benefits:

  •   • Wide and even light coverage
  •   • Fully flexible arm and shade
  •   • 3 brightness levels
  •   • Brushed steel finish
  •   • Lamp brightness 3,000 lux at 12”
  •   • Bright Daylight (6,000K) LEDs for true color matching
  •   • Comes with a universal metal easel clamp & metal drafting table

The RIGHT light makes all the difference!Click to visit the Daylight Company website

Daylight Company
(866) 329-5444

Flexcut Linoleum & Relief Carving Set
Linoleum & Relief Carving Set Great for Professionals ... and Students

Professionals will like the quality and students will appreciate the value of Flexcut’s tool set for linoleum and relief carving. The set features four blade profiles from Flexcut’s extensive line of palm tools. Look for an 1/8-inch and a 5/16-inch sweep, a 1/4-inch V-tool, plus a 1mm micro V-tool. Palm tools offer great control while making cuts, so they are perfect for relief carving and close detail work.

Each blade is razor sharp and easily cuts away linoleum and wood surfaces to reveal your images and patterns. The blades are precision made from high-carbon steel. Cutting edges stay sharp and are easily maintained. Each blade is hand-sharpened at Flexcut’s factory before shipping.

The blades are interchangeable in the high-impact thermoplastic handle, which also comes in the set. The handle allows an exceptional grip and is ergonomically designed to minimize hand fatigue. The set includes a manual, sharpening strop, polishing compound and an 11-pocket tool roll.

Click to see the video

Flexcut Tool Co.
(800) 524-9077


Plastic that shapes like clay when heated.

Thibra is a thermoplastic sheet material with extraordinary features. It's smooth, malleable, biodegradable and can be heated to create any extreme form you can dream up. Heat to about 120º, then shape it with bare hands or regular sculpting tools, cools in minutes. Changes can be made simply by reheating. Paintable without primer. It’s a must-have for every hobbyist and professional making their own objects or sculptures. Express your creativity with Thibra.

• Professional Art & Design
• Cosplay & Theatre
• Hobby & Decoration

Imagination International Inc.
(541) 684-0013 x141


Chameleon Pens

Chameleon is changing, Chameleon have launched an exciting new brand and website!

Now, you’re probably wondering why this rebrand happened. You know how Chameleon Art Products design and produce professional-quality, innovative art tools to help broaden creativity? Well, we’re not just about that.

We might have reinvented the color wheel but we don’t want to stop there. We strive to keep pushing the boundaries so you can develop your customer’s talents even further. We want to help everyone unlock all the colors hidden inside their art tools. And that’s what our rebranding and “Changing Color” is all about. We’re Changing Color with our products and content.

With Chameleon’s new brand comes new Chameleon initiatives, putting both our customers and our retail partners at the forefront. With our dedicated Sales and Marketing team and monthly content helping your customers color like no other.

Click to see the video

Chameleon Art Products


Creativeworld 2019
International Trade Fair for Hobby, Arts and Crafts Supplies

Creativeworld is the world’s biggest and most important trade fair for the DIY sector. Key players and newcomers to the sector will meet in Frankfurt, Germany from the 26th to the 29th of January 2019 to present their innovations in the fields of hobbies, arts and crafts, graphic artists’ and artists’ requisites, handiwork, textile design and decorative handicrafts. While it is the order show for the sector it also offers trade visitors a wide-ranging selection of fascinating workshops and product demonstrations.

Particularly important is the role of Creativeworld as a trend driver where national and international manufacturers present their latest innovations. No other trade show offers as much inspiration and so many fresh ideas.

Messe Frankfurt
(770) 984-8023


Specialty Racks
Your Space-saving Solution for Drying and Storage

Where space is limited, Specialty Racks from A.W.T. World Trade, Inc. provide an efficient solution to your drying and storage needs. From storing classroom artwork to drying prints in your studio, A.W.T. racks are versatile and affordable. Featuring all-steel construction, a rust-resistant, powder-coated finish, and a variety of shelving options, A.W.T. specialty racks are available in a wide range of models to help you optimize your working environment.

Our DR-18 series of specialty racks features a wide range of option and sizes from 30-100 shelves and is ideal for drying or storing prints, paintings, or other flat substrates. Versa-Racks are available in an 8-shelf tabletop unit and a 13-shelf floor model with wheels for easy mobility. Stak-Rack modular drying rack and storage systems are available in portable, door-mount, or tabletop models, and are conveniently designed to expand with your needs.

A.W.T. World Trade
(773) 777-7100


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