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September Products from Art Materials Retailer magazine
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Impression Acrylic Printing Inks
Ideal for block and screen printing technique

Impression Acrylic Printing Inks are a high performance and easy to use water based acrylic ink. 100% acrylic polymer emulsion ink produced with the highest quality artist pigments. Ready to use straight out of the tube or jar. Can be used with the Clear Gloss Modifier to extend, increase transparency, and sheen.

Impression Acrylic Printing Inks are a new product line addition to the wide range of products that are manufactured by Tri-Art Mfg.

Tri-Art Mfg.


Bob Ross for Kids: Happy Lessons in a Box
Now the littles can paint along with their favorite artist!

Six (6) water-based colors and basecoat named like the ones Bob uses! Four (4) brushes and plastic knife, shaped just like Bob’s but smaller. Cute little clear plastic palette, and three (3) roomy 9x12 canvas boards! A 36-page how-to comic book with easy steps for five (5) paintings, from set-up to final signature. Bob and friends follow along page by page; plus fun puzzles, a certificate and online video link too!
Order 24 kits and get a FREE Cartoon-Bob countertop stand!

Bob Ross Inc.
Fax: 703-803-8793


Flexcut Linoleum & Printmaking Set
Linoleum & Printmaking Set Great for Professionals ...and Students

Professionals will like the quality and students will appreciate the value of Flexcut’s tool set for linoleum and printmaking.

The set features four blade profiles from Flexcut’s extensive line of palm tools. An 1/8-inch and a 5/16-inch sweep, a 1/4-inch V-tool, plus a 1mm micro V-tool. Palm tools offer great control while making cuts, so they are perfect for relief carving and close detail work.

Each blade is razor sharp and easily cuts away linoleum and wood surfaces to reveal your images and patterns. The blades are precision made from high-carbon steel. Cutting edges stay sharp and are easily maintained. The blades are interchangeable in the high-impact thermoplastic handle, which also comes in the set. The handle allows an exceptional grip and is ergonomically designed to minimize hand fatigue.

The set includes a manual, sharpening strop, polishing compound and an 11-pocket tool roll for a great value. Additional blade profiles are available to extend your capabilities.
Click to see the video

Flexcut Tool Company


Kuretake Inktober
Kuretake will be a sponsor of Inktober 2022!

Inktober is an art challenge where participants of all levels create artwork using ink, primarily black and white ink. The juxtaposition of using a deep black or bright white ink on paper of the opposing color evokes a feeling of simplicity and focus in a person.

In 2009, illustrator Jake Parker started this challenge for himself as a means to improve his own skills, but now, Inktober has grown into a massive event with over 250,000 participants around the world.

Kuretake was founded in 1902 and has been manufacturing brush pens for around 50 years. Throughout Inktober, we would like to convey the joy of drawing with a brush pen to people all over the world.

Kuretake ZIG Corporation


Niji® Artist Watercolor Sets & Watercolor Paper Pads

Niji® Artist Watercolors contain high-quality transparent color assortments carefully selected for ultimate color mixing capabilities and unlimited, brilliant color combinations.

Individually wrapped half pan colors come in a sturdy, reusable, travel-ready metal tin. A metal ring on the bottom of each tin serves as a convenient thumb holder for painting on-the-go. Perfect for creating landscapes, florals, still life, abstracts, portraits and urban scenes. Great for plein air painting. Non-toxic (conforms to ASTM D-4236).

Available in a 12 color Essentials Set (NWS12) and a 24 color Studio Set (NWS24).

Niji® Watercolor Paper Pads are the perfect companions to our new watercolor sets. 5" x 7" for plein air painting, postcards, and quick watercolors. 15 sheets/pad. 140 lb/300 gsm.

Available in cold press (NCP-5) and hot press (NHP-5).



What's New From Chroma
New Products & Sets On Sale

It’s the season for new products and sales at Chroma! Introducing our NEW product - the 12 x 2 oz Chroma Liquid Watercolor for Kids Set and our NEW 12 x 2 oz Chroma 2 Washable Tempera Set. The brilliant colors ignite creativity, and these sets are perfect as gifts for young artists.

Selected sets also deeply discounted, including the popular Chromacryl Students’ Acrylic 5 Tube and 10 Tube Set; the Atelier Interactive Professional Acrylic 7 Tube and Pastel Set; the Atelier Interactive 16 piece Introductory and Plein Air Set; and the Atelier A2 8 Tube and 12 Tube Set. Learn more about these products at

Selected sets on sale now through September 28, 2022.
Visit What's New From Chroma to learn more.

Chroma Inc.


CelluClay Instant Papier Mâché
From imagination to masterpiece in 3 easy steps: Mix, Model, & Finish

CelluClay® is the unique, compressed, and ready-to-activate papier mâché medium made with recycled paper. No need to fuss with newspaper strips, glue and spending hours building up layers.

CelluClay®'s super fine and versatile form makes it the artist preferred medium for sculpting, texturing and modeling projects.

Simply add water, mix and apply to virtually limitless applications. Available in white/grey and in various package sizes. Certified non-toxic. Made in USA.
Why Customers Love It:
  • Mixes easily with water
  • Air dry or bake in the oven to expedite drying
  • Finish as desired (sand, saw, drill, paint, glaze, etc)
Ideal For:
  • Fine artists, sculptors, and mixed media artists
  • Educators and art teachers
  • Hobbyists and crafter
Dealer Inquiries Welcome.
Drop Ship Program Available.Video image

ACTÍVA Products, Inc


ColorPad Waterproof & Pigment Ink Pads
Introducing ColorPad: Jacquard’s first line of pigment and dye-based ink pads

When ClearSnap Inc. closed in 2019, discontinuing their beloved ColorBox products, Jacquard absorbed much of their operation. Now Jacquard is one of the premiere ink pad manufacturers in the USA, supplying top brands across the globe. With ColorPad, Jacquard proudly introduces their first line of branded pads, extending ColorBox’s legacy of consistency, quality, and longevity.

ColorPad Pigment Ink Pads:
Jacquard’s slow-drying, artist-grade pigment inks are formulated to sit on top of the surface, giving plenty of time for blending and embossing. Archival, fade resistant and acid free, ColorPad Pigment Inks are an excellent choice for both artwork and keepsake projects. Specially formulated for shelf-life longevity.

ColorPad Waterproof Dye Ink Pads:
This quick-drying premium dye ink gives a sharp impression every time. Waterproof and permanent, it won’t bleed or smudge when watercolors, acrylics, or water-based inks are applied over top of the print. Perfect for mixed media, embellishing, and fast marking.

Jacquard Products

Tri-Art Professional Bamboo Watercolour Sets
Tri-Art Finest Quality Watercolours in a Beautiful Bamboo Case

Tri-Art Watercolours are heavily pigmented and incredibly rich they combine intense colour chroma and lightfastness with unsurpassed performance formatted in a watercolour line.

The set is lightweight and portable and small enough to fit into any artists bag, measuring 7.5x 4.5". The set contains a handy embedded LDPE mixing plate. Refill with any Tri-Art tube watercolours and leave them to dry.

Tri-Art Mfg.


Pro® Fillet Tape
Professional Framers Use Pro Tapes® Adhesives to Frame with Fillets

Pro® Fillet Tape is designed to attach the fillet or slip to the picture mount in the framing industry. Pro® Fillet Tape is used for mounting decorative trims such as PVC profile for the furniture industry. Pro® Fillet Tape can also be used for fastening of nameplates, trophy, luggage tag, wooden trims and signs. Pro® Fillet Tape is used for permanent bonding to most substrates, such as metal, wood, glass, cement and plastics.

Pro® Fillet Tape is transparent with white liner.

Video Image

Pro Tapes & Specialties, Inc.


Specialty Racks
Your Space-saving Solution for Drying and Storage
Where space is limited, Specialty Racks from Saturn Rack/AWT World Trade, Inc. provide an efficient solution to your drying and storage needs. From storing classroom artwork to drying prints in your studio, Saturn/AWT racks are versatile and affordable. Featuring all-steel construction, a rust-resistant, powder-coated finish, and a variety of shelving options, Saturn/AWT specialty racks are available in a wide range of models to help you optimize your working environment.





Cardboard Robot
Decorah, Iowa’s antidote to half-baked ideas, unfinished to-do lists and “someday” hobbies.

Artful Behavior
At NAMTA’s show in April, attendees were mesmerized by marbling and crazy for cork fabric.

What We Saw at the Show
NAMTA’s Art Materials World with Creativation+

Collecting art is a thing right now, as investors look for a hedge against inflation.

Plus... Business Notes, New & True Products and More!
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