Messe Frankfurt Reveals DIY Trends for the 2018-2019 Season

On behalf of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, German design agency Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano created three “trend worlds” that reflect what creative materials buyers can expect to see in the 2018-2019 DIY season.

November 2, 2017

The “unexpected compositions of creative materials and techniques” will be presented at Creativeworld, January 27 through 30 in Frankfurt, Germany, says Michael Reichhold, director of the show. “This year, the designers are also integrating the tools and materials they used so that visitors can see how the individual pieces were created.”

The three worlds are dominated by a blend of different material combinations, influences from nature, and color – from purist white to intense magenta.

The Colourist

“This is an expressive, young and dynamic trend that offers opportunities to turn materials and patterns of all kinds into small, individual works of art,” says Reichhold.

It revolves around color. Intense shades like magenta, yellow, cyan, orange-red, azure, and violet are juxtaposed with emerald and then applied with rough brush strokes, scrapers, stamps or templates to wood, plastic, wool, natural plant fibers, and patterned silk fabrics. The result is a world of extraordinary finishes with striking patterns or painted typography.

Traditional skills are tested with new materials. The ancient batik technique called shibori for instance, is used on fabric, paper and jute, plus flax and hemp fibers. Also incorporated are recycled plastic strips, cables and PET bottles combined with classic DIY materials.

The Gardener

“Sensuous and relaxed, The Gardener takes inspiration from nature and offers new motifs for all creative activities.”

Motifs used in three-dimensional designs or embroidery templates include leaves, blossoms, herbs, insects and landscapes rendered in a natural range of colors like copper beech, lime, oak, sage and chicory. Sketches created with gouache, watercolor, oil paint and pastels not only decorate greeting cards, but are also found on fabrics and porcelain.

Buyers should look for trees created on different shades of paper and then folded into three dimensions. Instead of fringe on the ends of a classic knitted scarf, feathers, pearls or shells are used. For pottery, dark shades are used on irregular and handmade shapes.

The Purist

This is a simple but high-end style that focuses on the quality of the materials used, whether its paper, cardboard, leather or chrome. By using patterns and restrained finishes, plain objects are turned into something special. A leather shoe, for instance, becomes unique through the application of delicate polka-dots. Typography on sweatshirts and hoodies becomes more eye-catching when the letters do not appear in the usual places, and run instead across the hood.

Soft and gentle meets hard and angular, shiny competes with dull and matte, thin paper meets strong and bulky, like a fine pencil line on rough handmade paper.

Colors in this trend world range from white, shades of gray and chrome to rosé shades and dusty pink.

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