Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

Q3 2022

by Tina Manzer



Jenny Schaeffer from Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Canson’s Dry Mixed Media paper (1) has a sandy grain so when you draw and sketch on it with graphite or charcoal, the effect looks like stone lithography. I’m really excited about it, and just put some out for customers to try. It comes in two sizes and in ‘natural’ or ‘gray.’

“For holiday gift giving, I have Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oils in Sets (2). They’re available with six, 10, or 20 tubes. More and more customers have been asking for them for environmental and safety reasons. They’re especially popular with our elderly painters who want to use safer products.”

Karen Fisher from Art Mart in Muncie, Indiana

“I am late to the game with the Royal Talens Art Creation Sketchbooks (3). I brought them in recently and they’ve been hugely successful – I’ve ordered and re-ordered. They come in several size variations and make for a very colorful display. The hardbound covers are nice and sturdy, and in colors like a seafoam green, pastel violet and bright yellow. The paper is a nice weight and creamy.

“Bob Ross filmed his TV program here in Muncie, so anything ‘Bob Ross’ sells well. A favorite is the Bob Ross Joy of Painting Magnetic Play Set (4) from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. There are all sorts of magnetic pieces – miniature paintings and elements you can add to them, plus 1980s clothing for Bob. You can play on your refrigerator or your school locker.

“There’s also a set for Frida Kahlo – another favorite of ours – called Frocks and Smocks (5).

Zack DelFavero from Manny’s Art Supplies in New Paltz, New York

“We can’t keep the new Fabriano 1264 Drawing Pads (6) in stock. They’re inexpensive and just a fantastic quality paper.”

“I’m sure everyone recommends Posca Paint Markers (7) for their fun colors and opaque coverage. They work on so many surfaces including leather, fabric, and wood. Customers have been buying them recently to paint on the bottoms of skateboards and on their shoes. Posca’s advertising and social media offers fun, innovative ideas.

“We have a little display of open-stock Supracolor Watersoluble Colour Pencils (8) from Caran d’Ache that’s been very successful. Even though the pencils, at $3 each, are a relatively higher price, they’re so fantastic that people will come in often to buy one or two at a time.”