Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

Q3 2020

by Tina Manzer

Stores Posted on Instagram

Gwartzman’s Art Supplies, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Looking for some sparkle? Finetec U.S. has you covered with a huge range of glittering, shimmering watercolours (1) that can be used transparently or opaquely! Use them with brushes or with nibs and dip pens for a glamorous edge to calligraphy and line drawing.”

Oregon Art Supply
“These Alibabette Editions Journals (2) are beautifully bound with as much care as fine books. Every cover, every page is composed with love, for fun. We think you’ll agree!

Art Cart, Huntsville, Alabama
“Coming soon and we cannot wait! Viviva Colorsheets (3) – vibrant, handmade, concentrated watercolor lasts as long as a half pan set!”

Marfa Art Supply, Marfa, Texas
“Gouche Sets from Beam Paints (4) are here! They’re handmade in Canada using hematite pigments harvested from the La Cloche Mountain Range.”

Oregon Art Supply
“We love colorful Emott Fineliner Pens (5) for their durable .4 mm nibs, bright flowing ink, and sleek design.”

Raw Materials Art Supplies, Los Angeles
“The perfect sketching set for students and beginners does exist. The Essentials Sketching Artist Set (6) by Royal Brush is an economical 21-piece set with a collection of supplies for artists new to the medium: eight graphite pencils, an eraser, a kneaded eraser, a sharpener, three graphite sticks, three charcoal sticks and three charcoal pencils. So much to love in this must-have set.”

Wet Paint, St. Paul, Minnesota
“The Moonman M2 (7) has arrived! It’s an ‘eyedropper’ fill pen, perfect for showcasing that ink you love. Now we need help deciding what color to put in our tester!”
[This inexpensive pen from China totally outperforms its price, say reviewers. Rumor has it that a group of pen enthusiasts control the brand. They source pens from a factory and then fine tune and customize them to their high standards.]

Hyatt’s All Things Creative, Buffalo, New York
“Finally, a pen for the ultimate Buffalo Bills fan! Hyatt’s has teamed up again with Retro 51 to create an exclusive Tornado Rollerball (8) Buffalonians will love! The iconic ‘zebra’ design of red, white, and blue is accented with antique silver. It also glows in the dark!”
[The pen world has been buzzing about Retro 1951’s future since January, when founder George Kartsotis announced he would retire by the end of the year. Maybe the brand will change, maybe it will go on sabbatical, or maybe it will retire, too, he said. When we talked to company Creative Director Richard Koehler in September, he swore he didn’t know the plans yet, but he noted it’s been a busy year creating exclusives as the company works to sell out of its old stock.]

Gwartzman’s Art Supplies, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Do you find that your oil paintings are missing some brightness? Make the switch from gesso to Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer (9) from Michael Harding. Using Acrylic Resin as the binder for this primer allows your oil paints to sit on the surface instead of getting absorbed by the gesso.

ArtSpot, Edmonds, Washington
“DaVinci Junior Brushes (10) are lovely synthetic brushes that perform beautifully for acrylic, watercolor or oil paint. They are great for beginners looking for a quality brush without breaking the bank.”