Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

Q3 2021

by Tina Manzer

Dinah Coakley from Herweck’s Art Supply in San Antonio

“First-year architectural and engineering students need scale rulers (1) to learn to draw to scale, as well as triangles (2) and templates (3). We sell Pacific Arc, Art Alternatives and Chartpak’s Rapidesign brands. As a category, architectural supplies may be boring but we carry some that are fun and unique, like the 8-inch Adjustable Triangle Ruler (4) from Pacific Arc. It divides from 0 to 90 degrees and includes rise and slope divisions. 

The Helix Angle and Circle Maker (5) is so fun; it’s like Spirograph for adults. You put your pencil tip in the slot and rotate the middle part. It’s mind-boggling the number of circles you can draw with it. There are two different kinds; we display them near the templates. They’re great as add-on sales – they’re so inexpensive and cool looking that customers throw them in with the rest of their stuff.

“It’s crazy how much Glitter Guy glitter and ArtResin from ResinVentures (6) we are selling right now! Check out Instagram and TikTok to see the new trend – people are mixing the glitter and resin together to decorate insulated stainless steel cups. The ladies who do it want the best supplies – they don’t mind when they drop $100 each time they come in.



Glitter Guy glitter is polyester, and comes in many colors, including glow-in-the dark (7). Sometimes people add different colors of alcohol ink to the mixture. We sell the Marabu brand (8), and Jacquard has a white in its line (9) that customers just love it because it’s really opaque. 

“Speaking of ink, Inktober participants have been stopping in for their supplies. The month-long challenge is really popular among tattoo artists. They use it to create a logbook of designs to promote their work. 

“We added a third rack of Sakura Micron pens because of Inktober. There are two new nib sizes – 10 and 12 (10) – to create really bold lines. The durable plastic nibs on Micron PN pens (11) are perfect for artists who draw heavy handed. 

The Inktober limited edition set (12) from Kuretake Zig includes three different inks. The Sumi Ink and Black Ink are smudge-proof with alcohol-based markers. ZIG White ink shows up great on dark surfaces.”