Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

Winter 2018


Liz Walsh from The Drawing Board in Montpelier, Vermont

“We have the spinner display for the half-pan assortment of Royal Talens Van Gogh Watercolors (1). Customers love it. It features empty pocket boxes and 40 different colors so artists can pick up a box for travel and fill it with the colors they want.

“For special effects and unique colors, people are buying Sakura’s new 12- and 24-piece KOI CAC (Creative Art Colors) sets (2). They’re great as add-ons to standard watercolors. Each set of cakes includes four metallics and eight fluorescents. The 24 set also features 12 pearlescent colors that are only available with the set.”

Zack DelFavero from Manny’s Art Supplies in New Paltz, New York

Tombow’s Dual Brush Pen Sets are almost our top sellers here, especially the Grayscale Palette (3) and Pastel Palette (4). They come in pre-packaged sets of 10 in a variety of other palettes, too: ‘Bright,’ ‘Galaxy,’ ‘Landscape,’ ‘Muted,’ ‘Secondary,’ ‘Primary’ and ‘Portrait.’”

“Everyone is buying the uniquely shaped Copic Gasenfude pen (5). It has a brush tip of individual bristles! It’s as close to a watercolor brush as you can get.”

Alyn Soo from Strumento Art Materials in Indianapolis, Indiana


“The Sakura Pigma Micron Pen (6) is always a favorite because it makes such a clean, crisp, thin line. We sell a lot of the 003 and 005 because customers want something that can write really tiny.

“They are traditionalists, so we sell a lot of the Primo Euro Charcoal Pencils (7) from General Pencil Co. They come in several different hardnesses; we carry 3B, HB and B. They go fast.

“General’s White Charcoal Pencils (8) also go very fast – we have to keep filling the display!”

Keith Christy from The Art Mart in Portland, Maine

Princeton Select Brushes (9) sell well because of their price point and the great variety of shapes and sizes they come in. The color of the handle alone makes them really stand out in a display.

“When customers are looking for a high-quality journal, we recommend the linen-covered Global Art Materials/Speedball Watercolor Hand Book (10). It feels really nice and it’s practical and durable with good-quality cold-press watercolor paper.”