Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

Q3 2019

by Tina Manzer


Scott Farres from Wet Paint in St. Paul, Minnesota

“We’ve been carrying Retro 1951 Pens for years. They are the core to our fine-writing department. They’re reasonably priced and come in rollerball, fountain pen, ballpoint or with lead. Anything in the Tornado line (1) themed editions is very stylish.

“The Hex-o-matic (2) is a favorite with our customers. During the holidays and at the end of the academic year, school administrators come in and buy them by the handful as teacher gifts. Professors will buy them for their whole department!”

“At NAMTA we saw the 100 Years of Bauhaus journals (3) from Leuchtturm1917. We knew we had to have them – pads of paper and notebooks are our biggest growth category. They were on our shelves less than 10 days and sold out. All their products are beautiful; very German. They have a blue dot grid so they’re perfect for bullet journaling.

“They also make a journal accessory, an elastic Pen Loop (4). It holds a pen or pencil and is self adhesive. Customers attach it to the back cover so they always have a writing instrument at the ready.  



“We love Jacquard’s Screen Printing Ink (5). We call it “the good stuff.” It’s more opaque, durable, and has better working qualities. We printed a sample on a Lycra cloth to show customers that even when you stretch it out, it doesn’t crack.

“Our number-one-selling watercolor brushes are the Black Velvets (6) from Silver Brush. The oval sells itself. All we have to do is wet it.”

“For World Watercolor Month, and with Inktober coming soon, we broke up a 10-pound bag of Ampersand’s Assorted Sizes of Claybord (7) to sell the 2-by 2-inch boards individually for 50 cents each. People who participant in ‘create every day’ challenges love them for making ‘twinchies,’ as opposed to 1-inch-square art or ‘inchie.’ People can paint, draw and stamp on them.

“The small-size art concept would also work with canvas, wood and Scratchboard (8).”