Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

Q2 2019


Josh King from Paper and Ink Arts in Nashville

“We’ve seen a resurgence in watercolor recently, and M. Graham & Co. watercolor tubes (1) are really taking off. They’re made with honey – a traditional base – and they say it makes the colors truer and stronger.

“To go along with the paint, watercolorists are choosing pads of Stonehenge Aqua (2) from Legion Paper. It’s a high-quality paper at a good price point. Pads come in different sizes, from 2.5 by 3.75 inches up to 10 by 14 inches.

Speedball Oblique Nib holders (3) are popular with calligraphy teachers who buy a lot of them for their classes. They’re inexpensive and perfect for people just starting out with pointed pen calligraphy.

Amsterdam Acrylic Ink (4) from Royal Talens is a customer favorite. There’s a great range of colors, it tends to stay constituted longer without having to stir, and it flows right off the nib.”

Cindy Corrigan from The Art Stop in Penfield, New York

“People are buying Uni Posca Markers (5) to decorate their iphone cases. They are great all-purpose markers available with different points: chisel, brush, fine point, etc. I don’t stock all the colors but I can order whatever the customer wants and get it in quickly.

“They also like Copic Markers (6), and the free app called Copic Collection that helps them keep track of the colors they already have.

“I’m going to rearrange the store around my new display of Jack Richeson soft, hand-rolled pastels (7). I am a pastel artist myself and I will tell you: these pastels are buttery soft and highly pigmented. I can’t say enough about how great they are!

UART’s mounted boards for plein air and pastel artists (8) combine the convenience of sanded pastel paper with the durability of PVC board. They now have packages of single sheets, making it easy for people to buy for individual projects.

“When I demo the Natural Elements Palette of ArtGraf by Viarco (9), people buy it immediately. They don’t necessarily come in and ask for it, but when they see it they want it. You can spread it and then erase it.”